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Crushgrind Salt & Pepper Grinders

We now have in stock a range of Crushgrind Salt & Pepper Grinders both Shaftless and with Shafts. These have a full Ceramic mechanism check them out here on our website for further information and pricing.



Mystical Stone & Mica Pen Blanks

Now In Stock !!

Mouse over the image to see the Mystical Mica Pen Blank


About The Artist

My Name is Mike Thomas. I am 50 years old and our products listed on this website in part represent my last 12 years of dedicated work in the line of Photoluminescent Technology. I started researching photoluminescent (Glow in the Dark) technology due to my background in automotive collision and paint repair. I love custom painting and wanted to develop a new custom paint unlike anything on the market. Shortly after starting my research the World Trade Center attacks of 911 happened. Like many people around the world, I wanted to find a way to help prevent this type of loss of life. So with the support of my Father and many investors, I was off and running. My main goal was to develop products that would aid in saving lives. I obtained a patent and then worked with top labs around the US and other Country’s to accomplish that goal. I was one of 3 U.S. Company’s to receive government approval on a water based paint that is currently being used in high rise buildings around the world. I have developed many safety products, over the years. Like many companies I was hit hard by the economy. With hundreds of thousands invested into research, I was forced to close the doors on the company just as we seemed to get moving. My biggest supporter as well as backer was my Father. Unfortunately my Dad passed away last October 2012. I feel obligated to my Dad as well as to the World to see our dream of making this world a safer place a reality. So when my dad passed he left me all of his wood working tools and I found myself enjoying something I had never dreamed of doing. So I took my past experience and my new love of wood working and developed the Mystical Glow turning blanks line.