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As the title says, we wish to keep you our customers as informed as we possibly can regarding whats happening within Perfect Pens and Pencils. So as the title says for the latest news check back here regularly.

All Website updates, equipment updates, new developments and any other news from within and around Perfect Pens and Pencils will all be found right here and on our Facebook page.


Perfect pens and Pencils Pens are not found in packs of 6 or 12 at your local news agents or department store. Our handmade pens are designed and crafted to be as individual as the person using them.

No two people are exactly the same. We all have very different personalities, different tastes, and we each have very individual styles of handwriting. A quality handmade pen will not only feel great and function very well, it will also look great whether it be on your desk in your shirt pocket or in your hand whilst writing that letter or signing that very important document.

We understand this, so each one of our precision writing instruments begins with the selection of suitable raw materials and components to meet our client’s needs. We use mainly exotic woods from both local suppliers and from all over the world. On occasion and to provide variety to our clients we have also crafted and sourced  other raw materials such as Polyester and epoxy resins, Carbon Fibre, Banksia Cones, and even stabilised and colour dyed corn cobs.

Once the raw material for a pen has been chosen, a complimentary set of quality hardware components are also selected to compliment the raw material. Some woods work best with gold hardware, whilst others work better with chrome, copper, and gunmetal titanium. The hardware for the pen decides not only the metallic components, but also the form and general shape and size of the pen.

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