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As the title says, we wish to keep you our customers as informed as we possibly can regarding whats happening within Perfect Pens and Pencils. So as the title says for the latest news check back here regularly.

All Website updates, equipment updates, new developments and any other news from within and around Perfect Pens and Pencils will all be found right here and on our Facebook page.


We have just recieved our latest delivery of some very fine exotic timbers. There are approximately 28 different species and may I add some very nice ones too. If you see something that you think you like then be sure to let us know and we can put it aside for you.

We also have many other species of timbers from both Australia and from overseas and are also able to source many other timbers that would otherwise be hard to find.

So give us a call or drop us a note if you have any special requests.

Thanks Tony.