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Latest News

As the title says, we wish to keep you our customers as informed as we possibly can regarding whats happening within Perfect Pens and Pencils. So as the title says for the latest news check back here regularly.

All Website updates, equipment updates, new developments and any other news from within and around Perfect Pens and Pencils will all be found right here and on our Facebook page.


Perfect Pens and Pencils have just purchased an Ornamental Lathe (Pen Wizard) which will allow us to create various engravings and interesting shapes into selected pens both in timber and acrylic. We will also be able to engrave for infilling using various other materials to create that very special and unusual pen that will be that very special and individual one of a kind pen.

Photographs will be posted in our photo gallery when our setup and initial trials are complete, and we will update our Blog to keep you informed.